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Personal Ethical Statement

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Personal Ethical Statement

Learning through the Ethical Lens Inventory about ethical viewpoints was extremely interesting. After answering many questions for the Ethical Lens Inventory it was not surprising to learn there was no preferred lens result assigned because of managerial experience. The result of "none" on the blind spot category was not surprising based on not possessing a preferred lens from the Ethical Lens Inventory. The strength and weaknesses listed in the Ethical Lens Inventory are strengths and weaknesses people are dealing with daily in the veterinary fields. The values the Ethical Lens Inventory listed should be values that people strive to have to be fair and consistent (University of Phoenix, 2002-07).

"You see the gifts and weaknesses of each lens and are able to move fluidly among them to adapt" (University of Phoenix, 2002-07, p. 11). Adapting every day whether it is to stop coworkers from arguing or to defuse an angry client using each of the lenses can make problem-solving easier. The managerial experience in fast food teaches that dealing differently with each customer can bring positive results more rapidly; refunding the product to some customers, although others need an explanation of why or how to remedy the problem. There are other customers, which require a full refund of what they paid plus a replacement of their sandwich or drink. Figuring out what the customer needs to be happy, by rationally using each lens can please the customer faster and keep the customer coming back.

There was not a result for the blind spot in the Ethical Lens Inventory report because of this, "... both the strengths and weaknesses of each lens and harmonize the four core values..." (University of Phoenix, 2002-07) As this exercise on the Ethical Lens Inventory showed that the blind spot had a result of none, and this is a positive advantage. The ability to see the strengths and weaknesses of each lens allows the ability to harmonize the core values and perspectives to a positive benefit. This allows a more focused and positive direction (University of Phoenix, 2002-07).

Seeing everyone's perspective can cause confusion and inaction and can be a potential weakness (University of Phoenix, 2002-07). While working as a veterinary technician and talking to a client who probably does not have enough money to treat his or her pet, and knowing the veterinarian will order up the treatments, some that may not be necessary, causing the client possibly to keep from wanting any treatments. This can cause an internal conflict. By using "critical thinking skills, reference to experts...past experience and the traditions of the community" (University of Phoenix, 2002-07, p. 11) to analyze and resolve the clients, and the veterinarians issues, by one discussing the clients money position with the veterinarian.

Equality and



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