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Personal Ethics Statement

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Personal Ethics Statement

Personal ethics are developed from learned behaviors, either from the environment in which a person lives or from social contact through family, classmates, or co-workers. These learned behaviors transpire into morals and beliefs, which governs our lives. The principles of personal ethics allow us to second guess doing something wrong or illegal. It governs how we treat others in time of conflict or despair. Whenever one needs to make a major decision, personal ethics will determine how the problem is resolved.

My personal ethics statement was developed after pondering my beliefs, morals, and values. I believe that I make choices that are good for everyone. According to the Ethical Lens Inventory Results, I value autonomy and sensibility and tend to assume that each person operates from a clear sense of their own values. I believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions. I am an optimistic person; I believe that there is good in everyone, despite their immediate or past actions. I value honesty in others; as a result, I strive to be honest with everyone. Honesty builds strong, trusting relationships that last a life time. In my professional life, I make conscious efforts to treat my co-workers the way that I would want to be treated, even if they don't deserve it. I don't hold grudges because it weighs you down physically and mentally, therefore, I like to sit down and resolve conflicts immediately. I am often called the problem solver at work because of my strategic tactics at settling disputes. I love peace and harmony on the unit; it makes for an easier day. In my personal life, I would like to form more trusting relationships. My plan is to transfer my professional values and beliefs into my personal life. Since we spend more time with our co-workers, than our families this task is often difficult. After I explore more options, I believe that I will begin implementing sensibility and autonomy into my family values.

I am a very compassionate person, but this is not always a good characteristic because I often become bogged down in petty details. I am learning how to delegate tasks without micromanaging. It is easier said than done, but I have also learned how to lead by example. Now when I delegate, I receive just what I ask for. It is so rewarding to see your co-workers mimic positive behavior. I expect nothing but their best.


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