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Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

To reflect on my past, I am a hard working student who attends all kinds of activities simultaneously. I have ever being a host of the Christmas party held in our school and a moderator of the international youth conference which held at Taipei. Owing to these two experiences, I acquire the skill about how to handle different situation which happen in the meeting or party. In addition, I love to challenge the limit of myself. I attend the recitation contest which held by Wenzao in 2010 with my friend. This is a chance to test how much do I know the intonation, pronunciation and the level of understand the meaning of a poem. After a long time practicing, fortunately, we won the first price.

Furthermore, I am a good leader. I am a leader of the Activity Section in my department and a student representation at the same time. The existence of the Activity Section is necessary, without it the life of college will be boring. Most of the parties and activities are hold by this section. However to organize a group takes time and needs brains. A good relationship between the member and the leader is important; I learned how to think in other's shoe know everyone in a group is equal, the leader have to dispense reward and punishment impartially. Make right decision is one of the elements of a good leader. One cannot be hesitate when making judgment. One minute lost, everything gone.

Besides, I am a person who interesting in Politics and doing volunteer things. I am now a member of Taiwan Foundation of Democracy. I love to enjoy international affairs, for example, attend the youth international affairs camp, watch politic-relation shows, such as Sisy's World News. For me, I think it is important to pay high attention to know what happen in our world. Being a good citizen is not that hard. If I have free time, I also love to be a volunteer, due to I can learn more than other who only take part in their activity. I will know more about how a activity form and can get closer to those who work hard at backstage.

Owing to live far away from home, I become more independent. Without parents, I have to deal with the dinner, watch my monthly spending and to do every basic daily thing by myself. There is no sweet clerk in the morning anymore. Handle everything well become important. If there is no spare time to study, I will lock myself in the library and use every moment when taking a break. Eat alone is okay and study alone is okay. Nothing is important than do better of the student's role.



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