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Personal Experience

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Sometimes, when things happen in our lives, especially the seemingly ordinary ones, we take them for granted. We are blinded by the mundane way of living that we miss out on a lot of chances in our lives. Take this day, eight years ago; when I woke up, 6.30 am to be exact, outside was as usual still and dark, everyone was still a sleep and so everything was silent, saves for the chirping sounds of the crickets outside. I hopped out of my bed, to prepare for the possibly boring day ahead.

After a while my younger sister woke up, she was all excited, I was surprised to see her awake that early. She was never an early riser. When I ask her about what she was up to she laughed, obviously at me but said nothing. This was my birthday and funny enough I had not remembered it. My sister was evidently surprised at my forgetfulness. The family had though, without my knowledge prepared a surprise for me. The family was taking me out to a special place.

I never loved ballet, or so I thought. When she told me that the family was taking me out for ballet concert, for a birthday treat, I felt grumpy. I wished they never remembered my birthday at all. I had some 'important' stuff to do myself and the ballet would do nothing but ruin me entire day. Little did I know that this would be the turning point in my life? Though reluctant I went on with the family plan. I did not want to disappoint them.

My mother seemed to know me much better than I knew myself and inwardly she always told herself that I would one day make a great ballerina. I took the seat beside her at the hall all set to watch the day's performances. Looking at my mother knew I hadn't wanted to be there. She held my hands and in a reassuring tone said to me "you wouldn't regret this, I promise" I kept mum, only smiling at her to make her feel better.

When the first group entered the stage, I couldn't wait for the last one to perform so we could get done with the whole thing. Amidst the performances however, something unforgettable happened to me. While a group of young dancers entered the stage, their thrilling performance made me feel a rush and I though 'ballet is a very interesting dance'. I hummed along as they made their moves, my thought getting lost into their performance all through.

For a moment I saw no other audience in the room but just the ballerinas and I. All through my illusions, my mum fixed her gaze on me. Smiling, she asked, "would you like to be a ballerina?" This destructed my thoughts only to bring me to the reality of the audience in the large hall. "What did you just say "I asked in amazement, not even sure she had really spoken to me? "I asked whether you would want to be



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