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Work in Pizza Hut - Personal Experience Essay

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My Theory---Organizational Effectiveness

About this article, I will talk about the organizational effectiveness that mainly mention five factor personality model and four perceptual errors and Johair Window with an actual truth to explain them deeply. The five factor personality model is agreeable and uncooperative, neurotic and calm, extroversion and introversion, open to exp and close to exp, and conscientiousness and careless. The four perceptual errors mainly talk about self verification, self enhancement, self evaluation and social self. In this article, I will combine these theories with a clearly example which is happened on my work to make a living in Pizza Hut.

My Experience-------Work in Pizza Hut

In our daily life, we can touch any kinds of people by doing somethings, and at the mean while there are many kinds of quality and character people around us. Last summer holiday , due to I want to experience the life and I wonder to know how hard to earn money, finally, I find a job that work in Pizza Hut as a pasta cook and do some odds and ends.

The first day in Pizza Hut, I only need to do some small things and my mainly task is to learn how to make delicious pasta and make some fruits and vegetables salad. After these days learning, I started to do these works by myself. During my work in Pizza Hut, I met my colleague, a sunshine girl, which named Susan. To be honest, I think Susan is a not only a sunshine but also serious girl, however, after some times work, I find the fact is not, she is a little careless. Susan’s duty is to make materials for pizza and put them on the pizza, however, at least five times, I found she did not make enough material for pizza and lead to some customers complain us. Another colleague, Mike, he is extremely conscientiousness. Susan and Mike make a sharp contrast. Mike is a cook which is to baked pizza, every time he baked pizza, not only the pizza’s color but also the pizza’s taste is great and every customer likes Mike baked pizza. Combine Susan with Mike, through their doing things attitude, we can easily know that the importance of self awareness, Susan make many times mistakes, but she still do not have self awareness.

So What?

Through this small thing, I learn a lot about how to make things and make people. To be honest, the personality model and perceptional errors are always around us in our daily life. Whatever, whenever, we need to do self verification, self enhancement, self evaluation and social self. The importance thing for us is that we need to have a self recognize and correction mistake and make better self.



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