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Personal Paper

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Hello, my name is jeff but most of my friends and teachers call me "rick". I am 17 years old and i was born on September 8th 1993 at

Rockville Hospital. i have a high set of morals and my favorite quote is "yeah i have done some pretty stupid things but hey I'm a little bit harder and whole lot stronger and thats how i got to be this way'-Justin Moore

My parents where young wen they had me my mother Melissa was 18 about to turn 19 and my father Richard was 21. i grew up poor as a child since my parents were both so young when they had me. now i live in greenwich in a beautiful home that my father and i built. I personally love to work and feel as if I have a strong work ethic. i hold three jobs the first is my own landscaping company that i legitimized this year, the second job is construction i work for the family construction company, and the third and last job i have is logging i do that when i have free time from both of my other jobs. some people say i am crazy for the amount of work i do but i love to be constantly doing something and feel that it is good for me. i am also active work i take full time classes at yale i am studying liberal arts where i take psych math english and public speaking. i plan to transfer after i graduate and go to school for medical. other then school and work i also am a member of the Volunteer Fire department. I plan to stay in the volunteer fire department for the rest of my life . i have most of my best friends there and i consider them my brothers and sisters. they have also allowed me to get my boating license become a emergency medical responder and got to the Connecticut fire academy two times. but i have also have had some hardships wit the things i have seen being in the fire service. like for one instance my best friend was in a car with two other people i was friends with and was driving after a party and got in a accident at a high rate of speed. i lost a best-friend that night and had two friends that got badly injured and i will never forget that night as long as i live. I also have many hobbies out side of all that craziness. i love to play sports football, baseball, and mix martial arts are my favorites. i also snowboard, ride quads, i love shooting clay pigeons and mudding in my truck. some people will call me a country boy or a redneck and i agree. my goal after graduation is to become a emergency nurse in hopes of becoming a flight nurse for Lifestar.

Now that you know know a little bit about me i hope this has shown you that i am a strong kid who is a very hard worker and likes to have fun. I also hope this will show you that i am a good kid and that i have high expectations for myself in life.



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