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Risk Paper - Personal Paper

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Risk Paper

Right out of graduation, I began working for an advertising firm where I excelled as a marketing consultant delivering results to small to medium sized businesses by providing them with a way to be found and chosen by consumers who were actively searching for their products and services. This position was a telephone sales position and required a lot of dedication as business owners typically do not like parting with their money even if it might bring them more resources which could help them invest more into their business.

Working for the company was a great experience for me as I had an immediate insight into the corporate world and understood that sales could be one of the most challenging aspects of a business. We were giving goals and quotas which were requirements of continued employment, and were also ranked on a KPI system where by a certain amount of calls had to be made daily and number of accounts had to be worked including current accounts and new business. My drive and motivation coupled with my selling skills resulted in numerous awards with the company and major recognition from top management, however the most my success got me with the company was a total compensation of over $50,000 in my first year based on a $32,000 base salary.

My success also led to a potential promotion with the company to become an outside sales rep performing the same duties however meeting with clients in person was the key to being successful in the role since I would be working on larger accounts. I believed in my abilities to accomplish this task so did my manager, however promoted over me was the daughter to my district managers good friend and although I wasn't happy about this decision, I decided to overlook it and focused on the next round of promotions with the company. When this time came, for those of us who were nominees, the district manager set unrealistic goals which deemed unattainable, and personally I felt that my past success with the company should be evaluated since I ended the year being ranked #1 within my division.

Not being happy and treated unfairly, I began looking at opportunities outside the company and stumbled upon a potential opportunity with CDW where I was offered a base salary of $25,000 without commission for the first 6 months of employment, however the company also offered major certifications which I felt could assist me further in my career.

Knowing that I would make considerably less than I did the previous year, I became worried and knew making such a move would be very risky. In making this decision, I ranked the risks involved by understand which was most important to understand what would be avoidable if I made the decision or even if it were a wise decision for me to make in the first place. The first major risk involved was the fact that my bills had to be paid no matter if I were making less, and majority of them were under



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