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Personal Response Essay - Non Financial Components

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Essay Preview: Personal Response Essay - Non Financial Components

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We have already or are completed reading the first two chapters in the text. We have thus set the ground work for the course.we know that people are different from one another and look at compensation differently.  We all know the Financial components of Compensation....any that  you are not sure of will be covered in the text as we proceed.  The non financial components are somewhat different.   While the text, except in Chapter 9 does not delve very deeply into the non financial components, you in HR must be aware of them.

 I would like each of you to think hard about and review these non financial components.   What does your employer provide you that keep you where you are? Or do these non financial components have no influence on you and are not a part of your consideration in staying in the job?  Determine which are important to you, but then remember as an HR professional you need to determine what would be best as a part of your compensation package to excite/attract the emerging graduates of Colleges and Universities.

I need you to list and discuss any non financial returns you receive that are important to you, also discuss those, if any you could do without.  Then discuss the non financial returns that you feel people, recent grads, are looking for and  that would thus help those individuals decide to join a particular firm.

There will be one mark given...i.e. one of the 20 for assignments....for participating in this discussion. 

Some non-financials benefits that my employer provides to me at my current job are flexible hours. Although I am on a salary I am able to come do my job but I am the option of starting whenever I like. I can also take a breaks, or step out of the office at any time given.  My employer also provides me with “Free Car Repairs”.

I believe that these components offered to me do have an influence on me staying on the job. I believe that I am very fortunate to have the allowances at the job I currently have.



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