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Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as: The quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility of to account for one's actions. This means by accepting responsibility for the choices one makes in life weather those choices lead to mistakes or accomplishments is the only way a individual can learn and grow as a person in order to be successful in there future endeavors. Personal responsibility is the driving force in a person's life and will ultimately shape what direction the individuals life will head in through time management, accepting consciences of ones own actions and decision making.

A big part of each individual's personal responsibility is time management. No matter who you our or where you come from every person is given the same amount of days, hours and minutes in a week. Its what we decide to do with that time that can greatly separate us as individuals between successful and non-successful people. By creating schedules and having the self-discipline to stick to them will allow the person to maximize the amount of time they have throughout the week to create a more productive work/school week and at the same time lowering the stress level throughout the week allowing for optimum performance and overall better and more successful week. When implementing time management skills it is important to follow through with the task at hand and not to be distracted by other things going on all around. This problem can create giant lapses and holes in your schedule because even though the time was set aside and used for a specific project in was not whole-heartedly done and wasted much needed time.

It is important when looking at personal responsibility to be able to look at and within ones own self. This comes in the form of accepting responsibility for ones own actions and learning from them. As human beings we all make our fair share of mistakes and poor choices but being able to realize when you have made those choices and learn from them. A big part of that is having to accept your own failures as a person and take what ever consequences that will come your way as a person. This part of personal responsibility is extremely important in children and young adults because it will be those mistakes and the ability to deal with the ramifications of those the mistakes that will ultimately shape and mold that person into the adult they will become someday. At the same time a person should never want to stop learning and growing as adults one should never want to stop challenging ones self and more often then not a person will face failures and set backs when somebody pushes them-self's. When faced with these failures and set backs the individual must not be deterred but instead know where they failed why and what they will need to work on to succeed in that same area the next time that problem comes along. This is extremely important



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