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Personal Responsibility

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Page 1 of 3 LLC's (2013), defines responsibility as, "the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one's power, control, or management." Therefore, personal responsibility is simply taking one's life into their hands. Even though there are certain circumstances people cannot control, personal responsibility holds everyone accountable because they are capable of changing his or her outcome. Also, accepting responsibility helps shape personal lives and careers for the better.

Personal responsibility is definitely necessary to being a successful student. So much so that several institutions invested in a survey, which is used throughout many universities to see if the students feel the need to have more studies and assignments focusing on personal and social responsibility. "...23 colleges and universities across the country chosen to be part of AACU's Core Commitments three-year initiative to revitalize the role of higher education in fostering the development of personal and social responsibility among college students" (US Fed News Service, Including US State News, 2008, para. 7). In order for students to achieve their greatest potential they, will have to set goals, be diligent with studies, make wise time management decisions, and have determination to finish every task that they start. That is a part of being personally responsible for ones actions. If I do not hold myself accountable for my actions I will make excuses on why certain assignments can wait, find acceptable excuses for why I did not put forth as much effort as I possibly could on projects and the spiral continues. According to Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged (2002), success is "the degree or measure of attaining a desired end." My ultimate goal is success, or to complete my program and obtain a job in its field. Therefore, I need to hold myself personally responsible for my actions during my college experience. Of course there will be some circumstances throughout my college experience that I will not be able to control, but I will always be able to change the outcome of the situation. For instance, if I am unable to attend class because of a family emergency, of course I will not be able to make up the participation points that I missed during that class session, but I would be able to contact my instructor or classmates to obtain the notes. Owning every situation and attempting to make the best of it, is one way that taking personal responsibility will be able to mold me into a superb student and exceed my own expectations.

To prepare myself to be all that I can be at the University of Phoenix I am going to make the necessary changes to take more responsibility for my actions. I plan to manage time accordingly, set aside time to study for assignments as well as designated time for discussions with my team members on any team projects.



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