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Pestel and Swot Analysis

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Essay Preview: Pestel and Swot Analysis

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You are required to make a presentation in PowerPoint on SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis and STEEP (social, technological, economic, environmental and political) analysis of a company of your choice.

Your presentation should be of 20 minutes duration and in groups of three students. In their presentation, students need :

Task 1

To show that they understand and explain the importance of the various external factors that impact on the way their chosen organisation conducts its business. They need to use tools and techniques such as SWOT and STEEP to help analyse the external environment of their chosen organisation and to consider what happens when significant changes occur in the external environment that may cause their organisation's strategic plans to change. They need to ensure that their analysis considers customers, competitors and the marketplace in which their organisation operates. (A.C 1.1,13., 2.3)

Task 2

Are expected to use appropriate tools to analyse the effects current business plans are having within their chosen organisation and evaluate the competitive strengths and weaknesses of current business strategies in place. They need to review their organisation's current position in its marketplace. (AC 2.1,2.2, and 2.3)

Task 3

You are required to apply current organisational management strategies to develop a strategy plan for an organisation. Your answer should include the following tasks:

You have to choose and assess the various modelling tools available to develop

strategic options for their chosen organisation.( AC3.1)

Also you are required to create options to form the basis of a future strategy for their organisation. For example, this could be entering new markets or developing new products. Learners need to propose a suitable structure for a strategy plan. They need to show that the plan will be developed in such a way that all stakeholders in their chosen organisation will be able to participate in its formation. (AC 3.3,4.1)

Task 3

To construct a strategy plan that includes the resources that will be needed to implement the plan. They will need to examine factors affecting their plan, including a comparison of their organisation's value against their current business objectives .From this comparison, they need to develop appropriate vision and mission statements that will guide the plan and produce agreed future management objectives .They need to develop measures for evaluating their strategy plan.

You have to o develop a schedule for implementing their strategy plan in their chosen organisation and the need to



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