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Pink Pixies' Cheer Dance: Mediocre?

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Essay Preview: Pink Pixies' Cheer Dance: Mediocre?

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Pink Pixies cheer dance entry to the university wide intramurals 2011 was rather bland. As a rejoinder, the performers were surprised seeing the crowd as it roared the Limketkai Atrium where the contest was held. No matter how to justify how the performance came out, it just simply does not make sense. According to the trainer, rules and guidelines emphasized a no tossing to be done, the attires should not be too sexy and the navels should not be seen. On the contrary, the Pixies were so shocked with the other teams' sexy attires where navels were obviously seen.

Disappointed, this was the foremost emotion that is felt because the performance was not appreciated but was criticized. Many sacrifices, injuries and accidents were experienced and those were brought to fear. The performance was also an embarrassment not only to the main and other campuses but especially to the Jasaan Campus itself because of the negative impressions of the people. The impression of the people that surround makes the situation to get worse. It is because the meaning of the word 'mediocre' is emphasized well and is pressed down and shaken together to the every hearts and minds. A five-day practice is also one reason because the dancers were not truly cheerleaders that can execute steps right away. It needs longer time to prepare for one event. Some dancers were requested only to join just to complete the standard number of performer.

To reach out for a higher level needs much sacrifices and efforts. But if not, it cannot compete to other great and competitive minds. For instance, a report or a project that is made in the 11th hour, will it be delivered spontaneously? Or will a reporter react and respond to audience feedback with greater flexibility? Or will a project be a better one and can gain higher grade? The effort of the administration was appreciated very much. But the effort was not enough because there was a miscommunication. The dancers were given only few days to rehearse which come up with a mediocre performance. The dancers can do more but they were limited in both their abilities and in time.

The article of The Trailblazer is a disappointing and hurt-feeling but it just tells what really the truth. It was not intentionally written to offend people but it makes them to wake up and go to the next level of competency. Criticisms are great things to help students, performers and competitors grow. The article must have contributed and brought into realization that everything is possible if only to believe, not to be just mediocre but a globally competent as part of the university's mission.



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