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Poem Case

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You! You're stuck like a leech. Who are you to preach? Extending your

arms, but you still can't seem to reach. Your trying to save me but your

pulling me down, down to the pain you've gave me.. Oblivious to the fact,

I have to escape, I need to get away. You're so colorful, but my world

is gray. I can't let you join my joyless craze, I can't see through this

hopless haze.. Baby I'm such a mess, I feel so useless & hopeless! In fact that's

what I am and I can't let you fall into this hell hole I've created.. No! I can't let you fall! I can't let you die inside! I need to swallow my pride! My chance for a new life has been denied. My weakness to think of

those nights you cried. Tell me why! Why you're still here! Why you

stick around! I just can't see you buried six feet into the ground. I'll

lie and say everything's alright. How will you know that I lied tonight?!

To lose you is my one and only fright.. Just leave! Don't look back! I don't want your pity! I'm trying to save you

from the animal I've become! So baby close your eyes and simply just

run! Close your eyes! Think one last thought of me! And just let yourself

free! We just cannot be.. you and me.. Can't you see? The roots of my

hate go deeper than a tree. Go, go, I'm letting you flee! The beautiful thing we once created is

burning down! While the ashes cover the ground your path is disappearing

like you have done the day you met me! My limbs are still intact, it's time for the final act!.... I'm

drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning! I can't leave! Not yet! You're my

safest bet, like the day we first met..



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