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Poem Case

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you say im your everything yet

you treat just like the rest

you say im just like your ex

yet you say she didnt give you her best

if im like your ex then how can i be your best?

so if im the same as your ex then im not your best

but if im like your ex then just leave me to the rest

because we all know where your best rest

so just let me go if im your ex

because surely she was not your best

or else you wont be here like the rest

so maybe if you open your and see

im not the rest but im turly the best

i do everything in my power to prove im not like rest

but yet you always say you i can never give me your best?

you dont know my best because you treat like the rest

i dont think you even know what your best is

because the only one that doesnt give their best is you

so maybe your ex was your best but you wont know it

because you cant open your eyes to see the best is there

so maybe you should just be left like the rest

because when you give your best you forget about the rest

so maybe you should get your ex since you keep talking about her best

evidentally her best did something to you

but thats okay because one day you will see im not like the rest

that i am the best but by then i will be with someone that see

that my best is far from the rest!(:

just know that i am far from your ex or the rest!

-Keaira H.(:



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