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Policies and Ideologies of Trump and Hillary

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Essay Preview: Policies and Ideologies of Trump and Hillary

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Policies and Ideologies of Trump and Hillary

The US precedential election is knocking our door. In less than a month, voters from America will decide who gets to be the most powerful person in the entire world. This year’s election will be the 58th presidential election. In this election, 45th President of the United States of America will be decided. So without any further delay, let us look at the top candidates of this presidential election together with their ideologies, policies, philosophies and much more.

Donald Trump

Yeah, the name sounds that of a comedian! But jokes apart, this man, who has never held any government office of any kind, is running neck-to-neck with the other top candidate Hillary Clinton for the 2016 US Presidential elections. Let us look how Donald Trump reached to this position.

Donald Trump is a Republican Party candidate. He was born in Queens, NY on 19th June 1946. He received his degrees from Pennsylvania University, Wharton School and Fordham University. He is a businessman by profession and owner of ‘The Trump Organization’.

The official website of Donald Trump is

Let us look as the policies and ideologies that Trump supports:

  • Stronger Criminal Sentencing:

Trump believes that capital punishment like death penalty is right for crimes such as murders. He also supports policies such as ‘Three Striker’s law’ wherein repeat offenders will be put behind bars for life. He also favors gun rights and intends to keep the gun rights the way it is.

  • Making the tax code simpler

According to Trump, any individual earning less than 25,000 US Dollars should be exempted from income tax. He suggested that these individuals should submit a tax form written ‘I win’ on it. He also suggested lowering the business tax rate to 15 percent. Multinational companies will be allowed to keep their money overseas for repatriating the cash as 10 percent tax rate.

  • Mass Surveillance across all US Mosques

Trump is of the strong belief that Muslims across United States should be monitored and tracked by the US law enforcement. He called this as a critical counterterrorism initiative. He also made some comments on keeping database on every American Muslim, but retracted the comment later. He is of the opinion that this mass surveillance is politically correct.

  • Mass Deportation of Illegal immigrants in US

Even though he was severely criticized for this idea, Trump strongly believes that his plan of deporting almost 11 million immigrants living illegally in the US is humane and achievable. He would also like to end the ‘birthright citizenship’ policy which grants US citizenship to children born on US soil, from their immigrant parents.

  • Building ‘great wall’ between Mexico and US

Donald Trump strongly supports the idea of building a wall on the Mexican- US border. This will keep the undocumented immigrants as well as Syrian migrants out as well. As per Trump, most of the Mexicans entering United States are mostly criminals. They bring drugs and crime in the US soil. Trump is also of the belief that Mexico should be paying for this border wall.

  • Legalizing of Marijuana

According a statement from Donald Trump, legalizing marijuana for strictly medical purposes is fine and should be supported. During one of his earlier claims, he also went onto a record saying that the ‘US DEG (Drug Enforcement Group) is a joke as well as all drugs should be legalized so that profit can be obtained from these drugs’.

Probable Outcome: What if Trump wins?

So here we are, asking a question that probably everyone has in their mind but very few have been successful in actually decoding and visualizing it. Let’s say Donald Trump won the presidential elections and became the 45th President of United States. The next important question to ask is, how serious is he regarding the economic, social and foreign policy changes that he vowed to bring in? We think that he is serious about the Muslim and Syrian ban. So we might see (maybe not 100 percent) Muslims, Syrians and other illegal immigrants having a tough time in US. Secondly, He likes to brand himself. So he is definitely going to scrap the ‘Obamacare’ and may be launching ‘Trumpcare’ in future.



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