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Price Software Solution

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Jang Jack

[Precise Software Solutions]


What is the best time to launch their new end-to-end performance management tool, "Insight", and When to introduce this product to the target market?


President and CEO of Precise Software Solutions, Shimon Almon, develop the innovative software that helps its clients to monitor and manage the performance of their IT system due to the desire of market needs. According to his vision and highly lucrative market situation of end-to-end Performance Management Solution, he believes that "Insight" will help to build his company into $100 million dollar Venture Company. Currently he is focusing on the ideal launching moment so that competitors have no time to come up with alternative products. Moreover, how to introduce "Insight" is also his concern.


 Launch the "Insight" from OpenWorld 2000, which has only monitoring functionality with a crude interface.

 Launch the "Insight", which has fully tested functionality with a full version of interface, on 2001 OpenWorld.


For the first recommendation, company Precise can launch their innovative product, "Insight" from OpenWorld 2000 to earn the awareness of their brand new products to prospective customers who are attending the conference. Precise (sales force) can also develop the intimate and continuous relationship with vendors prior to competitors.

For the second recommendation, Precise can veil their intention of introducing their innovative software, which will provide them a competitive advantage among their competitors. This way will help preventing competitors to develop alternative product against "Insight". Moreover, they can earn extra time to test the beta version of "Insight" and develop the fully functional product which will attract more attention and attentiveness from customers in a long run.


The risk for recommendation one:

 Loss the potential significant market share and revenue.

 Showing a though image to other purchasing group which would decrease their willingness to work with us.

 High Research and Development cost.

 Risk for new products.

The risk for recommendation two:

 Have lower



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