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The Technology of Hims: Hardware, Software, Peripheral and Processes

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Essay Preview: The Technology of Hims: Hardware, Software, Peripheral and Processes

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The Technology of HIMS: Hardware, Software, Peripheral, and Processes.

The Technology of (HIMS) Health Information Management Systems is a broad subject, and it is imperative to the success of all health care systems. Health Information Management System has grown over the years, but even so more because of the changes in the healthcare delivery. There is always going to be an increase and a demand needed for a detailed and organized health information, including contracts, patient data, and repositories of information.

The computer hardware industry is rapidly growing and is the biggest in the world with Dell, IBM, Gateway and, Hewlett Packard the main players. This can be classified into many broad categories such as input, processing, storage, and output. Hardware also includes disk drives, integrated circuits, display screens, cables, modems, speakers, and printers. The healthcare information system compromises the computer hardware and software and the telecommunications technologies that it uses to store and transmit information.

Healthcare must pay close attention to detail of the database structure, and each individual's requirements. Each department has their own goals and agenda on how they want the designated HIMS to run. The Billing department will not use the same system as the Radiology department. What makes this unique is that often the need will be met with many variations but will be shared or will have a stand alone system. Computer information system has been created to improve care and to monitor the process and the outcomes of care for the entire world. In healthcare the computer hardware and software technologies that it uses to store will also transmit information.

Some common components of HIMS include finance, patient data, and reports. Process of claims, and medical cases depending on the computer hardware, and software. When the system is not working properly it has to be updated continually with new software, hardware and peripherals, and applications. I will define and elaborate the important of software, hardware and peripherals, and applications.

Hardware refers to physical parts of a computer and related devices, such as motherboards, hard drives, and RAM.

Software is a general term that describes computer programs. The applications, scripts, and instructions sets that all fall under this category of computer software. Software programs are sorted as binary date copied to a computer's hard drive, when it is installed. Peripherals are devices such as CD-ROM drives or printer, which is not a part of the essential computer. Peripherals devices can be external such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor, external zip drive, or scanner.

All application is referred to as a computer program designed to help the user to perform singular or multiple- specific tasks. It helps



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