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The Effects of Cheating on College Term Papers

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Essay Preview: The Effects of Cheating on College Term Papers

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The effects of cheating on college term papers can be seen in the following example:

My students copied her paper from this website, and now, in order to print it and turn it in as evidence, I have to create an entire account. Plus, I'm supposed to perpetuate the cycle by uploading a paper of my own that can then be COPIED and doled out at will by the people who manage this site to begin with.

What kind of world do we live in where a simple, basic 5-paragraph essay must be copied from another source because the writer is A) too lazy, B) too uneducated or C) to naive to think she won't be caught.

Now, not only do I have provide an essay of my own to hand ALSO has to be 250 words. AND contain a bibliography. Umm, why can't I just say, I'm doing this because my student cheated, and I'm trying to give her a 0 and offer proof of what she did.

Sometimes I think I go out of my way to make things fair, but it just ends up making things harder for myself. If you don't get the drift by now, I'm just rambling so I can get the word count and print the cheater's paper.

Am I at 250 yet?

Suppose not. It wouldn't let me join.

The funny thing is that it ALSO requests a bibliography. But, ironically, the students who print off these papers don't include the bibliographical source where they stole the papers from. How did this website get so legit? Why is buying term papers acceptable? Oh, sorry, it's not buying them because there's no fee.

Let's try again.



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