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Md.Mamun Hossain


Frequency distribution with related issues

It refers to data classified on the basis of some variable that can be measured.

Example : Prices , wages, age, number of units produced or consumed.

Variable: it refers to the characteristics that vary in amount or magnitude in a frequency distribution.

Types of Variable:

Continuous Variable: Capable of manifesting every conceivable fractional value within the range of possibilities:

Example: The height or weight of a person.

Discrete Variable:

Variable is that which can vary only by finite jumps and can not consider the fractional figure.

Example: The number of employees and machines in a factory.

Formation of frequency distribution:

We have just to count the number of times a particular value is repeated which is called the frequency of that class.


The number of Television sold on22 days by the Agent of Kashem and Co are depicted below: 23, 30, 20, 26, 30, 30, 20, 23, 40, 40, 26,

20, 23 , 40, 28, 26, 23, 30, 40 , 28, 28, 30.


Frequency Distribution of the Number of Television Sold

Number of TV Sold Tally Frequency No. of days

20 ||| 3

23 |||| 4

26 ||| 3

28 ||| 3

30 |||| 5

40 |||| 4

Total 22


The above calculation shows that on 3days 20 Televisions were sold each day, on 4 days 23 televisions were sold each days and son on.

Data classification on the basis of Class interval

This is the most popular in practice. To understand this method we have know the following terms:

Class Limit:

This is the highest and lowest values that can be included in the class.

Example: take the class 20-40.

Lowest Value :20

Upper Value :40

Class Intervals: The difference between the upper limit and the lower limit is known as class interval.

Example: 20-40

Class interval: 20(40-20)

The size of the class interval is determined by the number of classes and the total range in the data.

Class Frequency



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