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Professional Knowledge and Abilities

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Essay Preview: Professional Knowledge and Abilities

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Professional Values and Ethics of the Criminal Justice System

Learning team D: Janai Bruce and Kashata Warren

Gen 200


Professor Dale McCurdy

Values can be defined as those things that are important to someone or valued by someone in an individual, group, or organization. Values are also defined as the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social group (" Values In Society".n.d.). Values are distinctive standards that are recognized and appreciated amongst certain classes; furthermore, each class has different standards. For example: Political values are the structure of affairs of government, politics, or state; activities or affairs of political parties. Methods and tactics used in managing a political body such as the state having an organized policy or structure of government (" -",).

Ethical and moral values are standards of what is right and wrong in relation to human action on present and future responsibilities. Recreational pertains to leisure activities, educational pertains to the accumulation, use, and communication of knowledge; the provision of training or knowledge especially via normal schooling. Values are what we as citizens appreciate and acknowledge as ethical. They form the ethics and rules in which we abide by.

Ethics are described as the rules or procedures developed by an organized or by an individual class. It should and usually promotes good behavior and discourages bad behavior. There are certain influences and characteristics of ethical behavior and ethical development. This includes prior development of an individual being an ethical person, the organization as an


ethical environment, and procedures that encourage ethical behavior. The justice system has been the bases of what our society has deemed Ethical and necessary for peace, justice, and goodwill toward one another universally.

We as individuals should not only live ethically, we should also think ethically. This is taking into account more than just your own needs and desires. We should be able to adapt to the ethical environment within our career, work environment, church, school, and other organization's rules and values. The values and standards are set forth as a perception of what is deemed ethical and necessary. Career success can be greatly impacted. Amongst the sources for professional values and ethics there are also societal values, organizational values and code of conduct and individual beliefs and values.

Although there has been prosecutorial misconduct and police brutality the same rules apply to these individuals and if found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, by law they will also serve



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