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Promotional Plan

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Merry clothing company launched since 2009, we aimed to give the best to our dearest customer. Our mainly target customer are ladies aged at 20-40, whom are willing to spend money on high fashion. As our brand images are simple but also elegant, Merry can always fit the public's want, we know a small detail can also attract people attention, so we pay afford on it, to make Merry more outstanding. Till now, Merry already successfully build up its brand style and becoming a well-known high brand.

Our Product and Service

Merry Clothing Company offer a wide range of selection to our customers, from head to toe, such as hat, jewelry, tops, jeans, cocktail dress, bags, shocks, shoes etc. Making customers satisfy before they walk out the door is always our goal, we provide different service to make they feel relax to shop at Merry, like 30 days shopping guarantee, repair, resize and delivery service, we also provide exchange policy.

Aim of promotional planning

As Merry clothing company is going to open a flagship store in Central, we decided to have a promotion to let more people know that, In a meanwhile, we can also increase our brand awareness and brand reputation. The function will be held at Central and Wan Chai, from the 28 of April till the 18 of June.

Budget Planning

Promotional Budget for Planned Activities

Promotional Activities Cost Cost

Fashion Magazine Advertisement $100000/month

$300000/ month

Website Advertisement (Yahoo HK) $55000/Month

$165000/3 month

HKCEC booking fee $20000

Decoration $3000

Fashion model $15000/ 10ppl

Fashion model $15000/ 10ppl

Business Cards $1500

Brochures $1500

After Show Party $20000

Postage $2000

Inviting Cathy Chui $3500

Food and Drink $4500

Tote Bag $1000


EXPENDITURES (units) $807000

According to those assume budget, we need to spend around 80 thousand for the promotion, and we expect to have around 5 million sales in the first month. The largest expend is the advertising cost, especially on the monthly fashion magazine, as Merry is a high fashion brand, we need to choose the magazine which is the best seller and also for the high-income people. Equally, their adverting costs are high too. Simmons Multi-Media Engagement Study shows magazines advertising score higher on being 'trustworthy' compared to TV or the internet. That's why we cannot give up the advertisement on fashion magazine. And the others budget included



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