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Provide Control

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Toddlers are on a constant quest for independence. The behaviors discussed in the text " Child, Family and Community " discuss providing control. Toddlers need to experience power of their surroundings. In this paper we will discuss how to facilitate empowerment that Olivia desires.

Children love to explore and having a developmentally appropriate environment is important key to providing control to toddlers. In the text Olivia was faced with the word no from another child and not because of her environment. Her environment allowed her to explore different things, which assisted in her lesson of control that eventually led to the understanding of sharing. The children did not feel prohibited they felt empowered of the items they played with. Jacob felt empowered over the doll that Olivia had and demanded that he play with the doll. Olivia teased him by waking around flaunting the doll. Jacob snatched the doll from Olivia and Olivia cried. This is a great teacher opportunity. "They need a safe place to do all this-a place where they feel empowered rather than prohibited." (Gonzalez-Mena, 2009). Most parents and or adults do not allow these events to happen and most children are in an environment where they constantly here no.

Encouraging self-help skills can reinforce Olivia's independence. Olivia is very strong-minded. As each scene went by you can see that Olivia was very vocal and able to communicate what it was they she wanted. While painting with Jacob Olivia reached for the brush the Jacob was using. Jacob used self-help skills and got another brush for Olivia so that he could keep the one he was using. ' Encourage children to do for themselves that they are capable of". (Gonzalez-Mena, 2009). Self-help skills would benefit Olivia by being able to get her own brush in the future.

Giving Olivia choices is important. Olivia likes to be in control when she wants something she wants it no matter what and right away if possible. You may not be able to control the when but you may be able to control the fact that she does eventually get what she wants. Olivia was painting with Jacob and she really wanted the brush at one point she tried to take it from Jacob and another time she asked for the brush and waited until Jacob was done. "When children spend their time in an environment that is appropriate for their age, they are free to explore. (Gonzalez-Mena, 2009). Olivia has a choice to use another color, find another brush with the same color as Jacob did in the past or wait for Jacob to finish. Olivia chose to wait. As adults we attend to jump in between children to fast when they may be able to resolve issues on their own. Although it is important to give choices it is important to set limits. "It also helps if you understand that to empower a child and provide security at the same time, it is necessary to set limits and hold to them. (Gonzalez-Mena, 2009). Head start program



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