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Purpose Statement

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As a young boy I knew that God had a plan for my life and I believe that North Carolina Central University is in those plans. While Morehouse College has prepared me for this world, I believe that a MBA from North Carolina Central University will launch me into becoming a mogul. I believe the faculty and staff at North Carolina Central University with their vast wealth of knowledge will help me become a successful businessman in this tough economic climate that we live in today. I am also legacy, my great grandmother graduated from North Carolina Central University in 1917 when it was called North Carolina Normal College.

My personable nature, relentless work ethic and thriving appreciation for various cultures and ethnicities will allow me to pursue such a bold career goal. As an intern at Rowdy Films in the sales and marketing department I exponentially expanded my knowledge of the professional workplace by constantly observing client interactions and ethical business practices. My responsibilities at Rowdy included, but were not limited to, updating collateral and reorganized marketing strategies used to gain new clients, and planned client oriented events to introduce clients to different lines of services. After receiving my undergraduate degree in Business Management, I started my career with Allstate Insurance as a total loss adjuster. In this position I had the opportunity to investigate, evaluate, and negotiate settlements with insureds and claimants. Throughout my time at Allstate I had to demonstrate compassionate communication and persuasive negotiating to ensure a positive experience with all customers. After two years of working in that capacity, I took a position as the Marketing Director for the Alston Agency, Inc. of Allstate Insurance Company. In my current position as Marketing Director I am further exposed to business-to-business marketing. Not only is my current position expanding my marketing skills, but also the most important aspect is I am learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur. My presentation skills are constantly put to use as well. Being that I am constantly presenting products to other businesses in hopes that they will chose the Alston Agency, Inc to purchase insurance. Moreover, I am constantly analyzing and forecasting the market to determine the best places to allocate our resources.

I am confident that my experiences at North Carolina Central University will expand my knowledge of the corporate world, but will also help me become a better person. Courses such as international business and marketing management will give me a wealth of knowledge to succeed in my long term career goals. Once I complete the MBA Program at North Carolina Central University I will be prepared with a powerful mind and confidence to build a brand into a permanent power within it's respectable market. Once these goals are achieved I will go forward with the management company that I started two



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