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Statement of Purpose – Mess Committee

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Statement of Purpose – Mess Committee

Why do you want to join Mess Committee?

  • During the induction program when I came to know about that all the arrangements for mess’s food are been taken care by student body only, then I realized that it’ll be the field where I can learn a lot about the various stages of management.
  • I want to pursue my career in supply chain and general management. So MessComm will help me in gaining the knowledge related to supply chain management and general management.
  • Messcomm is not all about operation management, it also includes general management, HR and finance. So one easily know how crucial role it can play in building your management career.

Which Mess vertical is your primary choice among the four verticals and Why? 

I’ll opt for Operation and vendor management, the reason behind choosing the vertical is as follows;

  • Operation and vendor management involves vendor interaction, working with finance team and also working with available resources. I’ve already thought of a startup which deals with all the above mentioned field competency. So by choosing operation vertical I can learn and apply the gained knowledge on my startup.
  • I’ve total 6 years of experience in the field of service industries. So it was totally based on the general management and project management. So I believe that my knowledge which I gained during my professional life can be well utilized with operations.

What operational changes you want to bring in as part of Mess Committee? Justify your answer

  • As of now the mess comm is working as good as which I never imagined. Even though I want to bring some changes. I’ll add some more evening snacks item because as of now I think that are limited. Addition of items will be sought taking budget into consideration.
  • Mess cleanliness is good as of now, but I want to make it more superior.
  • I’ll everyday check the wastage of food. I’ll appoint one dedicated mess worker to have a proper check and notify the person.

What proactive measures (apart from regular activities) you would like to undertake as a committee member?

  • Food is the heard of every mess. I’ll never let down the quality of food. I’ll take proper measures while selecting the vendor and suppliers.
  • Customer is everything and here customers are student. I’ll seek their suggestions every fortnight about the quality, quantity and cleanliness. If at all any things to be updated, I’ll take proper action.

Why do you think we should consider you over others? Be rational while answering

  • Experience matters, I’ve total 6 years of experience and I know the responsibilities for such an elite position.
  • I’ve experience in the field of operations only, I know how to execute any project.
  • I want to learn because I’ve a startup in mind which will be related to same management field. So you can expect me that I’ll work religiously and will give my full efforts in executing any of the task which mess comm will seek.  



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