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Statement of Purpose

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Language and culture have important and sacred roles to play worldwide. The study of international language and culture is a vital skill for everyone; not only is it a means for communicating thoughts and ideas, it also forges friendships and cultural ties. Bachelor of Arts Program in Language and Culture (BALAC) is the best academic programs in Thailand to provide an in-depth knowledge of this field.

My determination to study at this program is based on the reputation that the university and its faculty have in the academic community worldwide. I have a strong natural ability for studying language and the joy of reading has reinforced my already deep love for study in this field. For many people, the study of language seems monotonous and tedious, but for me it is an unfathomable ocean of fun. Studying language and culture convinced me that I should be willing to take whatever efforts are necessary to improve my command of the fascinating English language. My relentless persistence and passion in studying the great lessons of international language and culture are the chief reasons why I want to be a part of Chulalongkorn University's BALAC program. Since one objective of the BALAC program is the enhancement of critical thinking and language skills, I am sure that this program will provide me with many valuable and precious insights not only in language and culture but also in history, liberal arts, social science, philosophy, and literature.

I strongly believe that the BALAC program will broaden my horizons and help me develop my academic potential. I am certain that my passion for learning in this specific field with the support of the BALAC program will open the door for many opportunities and exceptional experiences.



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