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Race Case

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Racism makes me mad the most! The hate of white person so strong towards different kinds of people, that's nonsense all for someone being black, brown or even tan. Now to me I think that's not right, if that was to happen to me, I would be fighting everyday. When four little girls were bombed in a church September 15, 1963 in Birmingham Alabama, by a racist group called Klu Klux Klan. For this event to happen was tragic, I wonder how mad can you be to just decide to bomb a church, like that's a little extreme. If my generation was to go back and see what really happen to are great great grandparents had gone through they would understand what the issues are today.

When I witness things like racism it makes me angry, but I don't do anything about it or try to prevent other people form saying it. My intensions on racism are to not do it my self. I might make mistakes and say a couple words but I really started to think about it, and I am telling myself that I don't need to use those harsh racial comments. Nobody does there is no reason for people to say those things. People also don't have to use the "N" word after ever other word they say, like I used think it was cool but it is just stupid, now that I understand that when people say that word its not really saying anything but your calling somebody out of there name. Think about when you go out somewhere public and your just constantly just saying that word, people will look at you and criticize you just because you say that word, Now I'm not saying that any body has to stop saying this word, for some reason people its just how they are and what's in there vocabulary. I'm am creating this essay to tell the people that want to be something in life that they shouldn't use this word or any other racial word that will verbally downgrade who you are. My response to racial words is that we should not say them, there not respectful words that should not be said to anybody. Every one should just "Stop The Hate".

I think I should tell people what they are doing. People are just using racism like it's what they eat; I want to stop that issue. I'm going to host a event that have all history past racisms acts, which I think will be a big influence on people once they really get to know what happen in the past, and what does not need to be happen now. All it takes is one choice to stop all the racial comments and just say this isn't right. We as people should not bring each other down, we should encourage each other. Were not doing anything but destroying each other by using these harsh comments. My event will be to "Stop the Hate".



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