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Racism in America

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Essay Preview: Racism in America

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The decision was ofcourse bad law, not only because it established racism in America, but because false facts were used along with complex reasons and corrupt logic to justify their decision.

When courts make good law, they do it with logic and facts that are true, along with clear reasoning.

Whether it be transportation, schools, restrooms, lunch counters, or fountains, the reason behind the decision was that the southerners in charge(mostly) were still upset that their pappies and grandpappies lost their slaves and these people didn't want to deal with such lowly people. So they passed laws in the various state governments which separated the races, the fear was black men marrying, dating, or (gasp!) even looking at or thinking about a white women.

These laws would not be constitutional under the "equal protection clause" if they flat out said, "Blacks can not drink out of white fountains", so they cleverly devised their laws so that they could have their racist feelings put into law and be able to enforce them through state courts full of others of the same ilk. While the language of the laws SEEM to be separate but equal, the fact remained that no "self respecting white man" would ever deign to drink out of a colored fountain, or sit in a colored section of the train, or bus or waiting room. So these laws were specifically targeted directly at blacks in order to keep them in their proper place and the legislators, the courts, and people of both races knew that. Even if a white person did drink out of a colored fountain or sit in the colored section, a white person would get a small fine, whereas a black man doing the same thing might find himself dragged out of his bed in the middle of the night and hung and have a burning cross on his lawn to show for it.



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