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Reflection Essay.

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Essay Preview: Reflection Essay.

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Reflection Essay

        Learning about academic reading and writing in Englcom was a great thing. At first, I found it uninteresting but as my professor furtherly discussed importance of learning academic reading and writing. I realized that academic reading and writing will help me further understand what I am reading, and it would help me also to enhance my ideas on the topic that I would wish to write about. Because in academic reading there are some steps that you must follow or to recognize in order to deeply understand what you are reading. These are some steps that I have learned in order to further understand what I am reading. first you must recognize the author’s purpose and possible bias, then you must differentiate the facts and the author’s opinions, lastly evaluate evidences and draw your own conclusions instead of simply accepting what the author says. While in academic writing there are also some steps that you must follow in able to express your ideas to the readers more fluently and adequately. These are some of the steps that I’ve learned in order to write more precisely and to express my ideas more clearly to my readers. First you must create a cohesive and logically organized flow of ideas for your paper. Then you should know what tone you must use for your paper because this will help you express your ideas more precisely to your readers. Lastly you must put correct punctuations in your paper to be more formal and pleasing to the readers eyes. To sum it all up I have learned a lot and gained a lot of knowledge from Englcom. I can say that I saw some improvements in me and I am in the process in being a great reader and writer someday.

        Providing the theme and letting us choose our topics in our media logs was a great thing. Because we have the freedom to choose whatever topics that we want to talk about in our paper. Giving us the freedom to choose our topics was a great way of making us interested in writing our paper.

        There are some difficulties that I have encountered in writing my extended definition and argumentative essays. Like submitting my papers on time and finding good and reliable resources for my topics. I dealt with this challenges by doing all my requirements earlier than I usual. I also spend more time in finding reliable resources for my papers.

         I can say that I have somewhat improve a little bit from my first essay which is my entry essay compared to my last essay which is my exit essay. I saw some differences in how I express my thoughts and ideas throughout the paper. And I clearly knew my purpose in my exit essay not like in my entry essay I was just writing for the sake passing something to the teacher.

        I have achieved my portfolio objectives in Englcom better that I have expected. I was amazed that I have done a lot of great things throughout the semester. And I have gained a lot of knowledge about being a better reader and writer.



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