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Reflection Paper on the Critical Analysis on Interpersonal and Decision Making

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Essay Preview: Reflection Paper on the Critical Analysis on Interpersonal and Decision Making

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My perception about my life is somehow positive compare to what I have learned so far in this module. I first of all consider myself acting as a focal point as a leader of my mind. I know, as all human that no one is perfect. That is common to all human being as created by the image of God. But yet, I still have strengths and weaknesses. As human being, I come to realize that, for a normal person, strengths must exceed weaknesses.

Indeed, self awareness as premium for a leadership success is the basic foundation of person inner, Insofar, it acts as a guide when a person is about to act. As I personally realized, when a person is out of control (a lack of self-awareness) that person has no more consideration. The man looses a certain capacity of mind which would allow him or her to think deeper. Self-awareness in fact provides to a person the ability to figure out the situation a peer is or might be involve in. In the same vein, when I reflect myself to this assumption, I realize that the lack of self-awareness can cause stereotypes, biases and other unwelcome ideas as well. As Fridja put it, "It is the individual's lack of awareness of the cause of the feeling state that differentiate emotion and mood. (Fridja, 1993).

However, according to my beliefs to decide it's a matter of choice. Although we have all been created by one God but, still we remain different at certain level. Each person has a soul hence, the source of our intelligence. We normally hesitate before involving ourselves or taking any decision, bad or good. In most cases, the situation whereby someone is called to act emotionally, it's usually difficult to have a right decision. Beside those kinds of decisions are usually apparent; they are not beneficial at any extent. The negative effect includes emotions such as anger, depression, fear, and frustration.

The provided example is about the engagement a friend of mine had recently. He decided to marry a girl knowing that, the lady was a prostitute. Being aware about her status, he stuck to his relationship until he got married. He encountered countless difficulties related to his wife unfaithfulness at the extent that the guy became speech less and processed to give up to that relationship. His life became miserable. Throughout a series of counseling, the guy survived. Eventually the situation became a night mare until he asked for divorce. His situation affected me a lot; he was like a brother to me. I did my very best to convince him about the decision he took, but in vain. I put myself in his shoes and figure out the impact of such shock in someone else life.

To be honest, I learn and considered a lot the relationship I usually have with people around me. Leaving in harmony and peace created and strengthened the goodness of the relationship. Nonetheless, the fact of conflicting with peers or people around is a source of stereotypes, criticism, biases as well as other anti-values.



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