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Regular 3d Printing Growing Technologies

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Essay Preview: Regular 3d Printing Growing Technologies

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The world is filled with ever growing technology, and from a business stand point that is a good thing to jump on board with and be able to adjust to the disruptive technologies that come with it. Of the many different breakthroughs in technology there are three that stand out the most to me. Blockchain-based identity and privacy, 3D metal printing, and the concept of 5G mobile. These technologies are just three of the many being developed around the world.

Blockchain-based identity and privacy is important, especially with the growth of data breaches. This involves new ways to protect privacy and to identify where there are needs. Blockchain is important for a business to have because of all of the recordkeeping, thigs like this need to be encrypted so they aren’t so easily accessible. There are some companies that have already started onboarding this. Blockchain is important for the consumer as well because it adds protection and security to the purchase. There are many systems today where your purchase history is stored and given to Google, this blockchain allows it to keep it private unless you want to share it. The consumers won’t know to demand such a thing, so it is up to the businesses to transition into the system. Blockchain is creating the backbone of a new type of internet. This was originally created for the digital currency, but the tech community is expanding its uses for technology. Blockchain cannot be controlled by a single entity and has no single point of failure. Blockchain is able to check itself every ten minutes, it is able to self-audit a digital value. The system cannot be corrupted by altering the unit of information on the blockchain. The blockchain is made up of a network of nodes, the blockchain gets copied and downloaded by whoever is connected and this automatically joins the network. The node represents an administrator and can join the network. When it comes to cryptocurrencies and bitcoin the blockchain is essential and the technology jointly manages the database that records the bitcoin transactions.

Regular 3D printing has become such an abundance of technology that metal 3D printing is something that will be on the next list. This type of technological innovation is revolutionary and has become used by many people with the availability to the consumer. Nike has taken the first step and began printing metal cleats. If there is a 3D metal printer available for smaller businesses, then the need for a massive factory goes out the window. This will change how competitive the business becomes as well. 3D printing is not yet ready for the everyday person but involving metal in the printing brings it a little bit closer. Once a printer like this is available for a reasonable cost then people no longer will waste money on shipping electronics when they can just print a new one. This will change the way people do business and businesses will need to get on board with this in the begging stages. 3D metal printing is a novel method for manufacturing different parts from digital models, this uses layer by layer material build-up. It is a tool-less method that can produce dense metal parts in a short period of time. This involves powder bed fusion where each powder bed layer is fused by using energy from the laser. This is the most promising manufacturing technology and can be used for complex metal parts.



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