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Relationships Case

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Relationships can bring happiness and bliss that is if you only take into consideration the sunny side of relationships. As do all things, there is a dark side to relationships, such as heartache and tears when the relationship comes to a halt and ends in a breakup. So, the question is, does the good out way the bad enough to even start a relationship?

Why do people start relationships? Is it because at the touch of someone special a rush of adrenaline shoots through our veins, our heart races uncontrollably and our nerves sky rocket. Or maybe it's because we smile irrepressibly and our infatuation for that special someone refuses to give our minds a break from thinking about them. We get a natural high when we start a relationship, a high that is unbelievable and almost unrealistic. Life chores become easier and the willingness to believe in ourselves is enhanced, merely because after we find that special someone we find something else too. We find something deep down in ourselves that gives us a reason to live.

While relationships give us the eagerness to live, what happens when that underlying power is ripped away from us? Our heart aches with a wretched agony, so painful we feel like it will never go away. And our thoughts are still just as occupied as they were in the start of the relationship, only this time it is our despair that keeps us from thinking about anything other than them. After becoming very comfortable and content with another, we feel a dreadful loss, we quickly figure out, what used to be, isn't always what will be.

As human beings, we are hardwired to reach out to others and feel close to them, by doing so we make bonds. Psychologist have proven it is a necessity for us to have relationships in our lives, without them our growth and development will not reach its natural potential. Without relationships, it is very likely to face loneliness and life is not as pleasant as it should be.

Relationships are tough, very tough! But, if you're willing to stick it out and give a relationship a shot it can be very rewarding. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons, and to be aware that by uniting with another you're putting your heart and wellbeing at risk. Although, by not engaging in a relationship with another you are also at risk for damaging your wellbeing, only it is a different form. You take the risk of never loving at all, and that itself is sad in its own way.



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