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Report on Vitamin D Deficiency

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Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that causes the formation of proper and strong bones. This vitamin can’t be manufactured by the body. Therefore, we obtain it from the environment, particularly the sunlight. This vitamin also has other sources of food; these include; egg yolk, butter, salmon, and mackerel Feldman, Pike & Adams, (14). This vitamin prevents everyone from getting rickets and osteomalacia. It is important to note its prevention of certain cancer, multiple sclerosis. Hypertension and osteoarthritis development. Getting the correct amount of vitamin D doesn’t necessarily depend on the food we eat but exposure to sunlight on a regular basis and also take a number of supplements required.


The main methods used in the process was mainly research from books and scientifically articles. This was because the vitamin D process occurs under given steps to be able to be assimilated into the body for strong bones.


The main results showed both positive and negative effects of vitamin D. exposure to sunlight and eating correct foods were the main contributors to vitamin D synthesis. This was mainly to inhibit development of rickets and ostomalacia.


Vitamin D synthesis undergoes a lot of synthesis in the liver. Through the liver, the vitamin is turned into calcidiol. This chemical undergoes a process called hydroxylation which in return gives a number of things. Calcidiol is responsible for the storage of vitamin D into our bodies. Within the kidney there is also the synthesis of vitamin D Epstein, (24). In addition to this, there are many types of vitamin D, they include; vitamin D1, vitamin D2, vitamin D3, vitamin D4 and lastly vitamin D4.From this, there are two major one, that is vitamin D2 and D3.


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