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Research Process and Terminology Paper

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Research Process and Terminology Paper

Research methods and the process play an important role in the criminal justice field. Knowing the research method and having the ability to research different technologies is important to criminal law because it allows us to open and close cases, and figure out what really happened within the case. The research method in the criminal justice field has a wide range of research methods, and is important when studying the criminology field. In this paper we will include a new terminology, how will the new terminology and knowledge apply to a career in criminal justice, and how can not knowing the proper terminology affect the researcher.

There are many technologies that are in the criminal justice field such as replication in which is the repetition of experiments or studies or attainment of greater certitude in conclusions through additional observations (Hagan, 2010). In the criminal justice and criminology there are many attempts that go one in research through experimentation, replication, and verification as the result the criminal justice will draw out conclusions from the data experimentations. There are two research methods such as Quantitative vs. Qualitative that is used in the criminal field among many more that we will take a look at.

Qualitative research includes more historical research; collecting narrative data to gain insights in new research interest. Qualitative research is data analysis the coding of the data and production of a verbal synthesis. Quantitative approach learns more towards descriptive research, correlational research, causal-comparative research and experimental research. It collects numerical data in order to explain, predict and control phenomena of interest (Gay, 1996). We also have pure versus applied research which both have their problems and have experienced conflict between both of them. Pure research is focused on the new knowledge that they bring in or the new development of the field. Applied research is more focused on solving the immediate policy problems not worrying about the new knowledge of what is going on.

The new technologies are important to have in the criminal justice field because it gives us access and insight to new information to close criminal cases that maybe we have not been able to find any answers for. With the career in researching in the criminal field there has been a major growth in technology and new methods of evidence that has evolved. When surrounded by a crime there is more than just trying to find out who did it, but there is also trying to identify the suspects as well as the facts and the events that lead up to the crime and this is where research method takes place. With having a career in criminology and wanting to pursue that study there is many different fields out there such as fingerprinting, toxicology, biological evidence, ballistics, and more.

Having the knowledge and the language of research is extremely important to the researchers and the criminal



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