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Resort Reps

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Role Purpose.

A children's representative has to provide activities and entertainment for children. They have to be fun activities indoors and outdoors with educational things to it. They also have to provide a service to parents or guardians by giving them a break from their children to allow time to relax.


* A children's rep must be able to keep records up to date.

* Also you must report incidents or accident immediately without delay.

* There is has to be a limit on the number of children per session.

* Parents must also remain in the hotel or the campsite in case of any emergencies.

* Children's reps have to teams up by all female teams or male. This is because of any health and safety reasons.

* Finally a children's rep must have a strict number of children per session as excess numbers will invalidate insurance and cause serious legal implications.

Key tasks & responsibilities.

* They have to organise daytime and evening activities.

* Supervising any early suppers.

* Telling bedtime stories to the children.

* Focusing on the health and safety of the children.

* Completing any sort of paperwork.

* Assisting in the welcome meetings and promote the children's club.

* Finally they have to undertaking health and safety audits of the children's club and equipment.


A children's rep must have at least a Childcare NVC Level 2 in childcare or a BTEC National Diploma in Childhood Studies. They should also have a valid paediatric First Aid certificate. Finally a children's rep must have a fun personality and must be imaginative and have a natural affinity with children.


* Customer service skills.

* Communication skills (providing information at Welcome Meetings, listening to others, passing on messages etc).

* Interpersonal skills (friendly, professional).

* Sales (selling services and trips)

* Team



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