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Respiratory Therapy

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Respiratory Therapy

There are many aspects in pursuing a career in Respiratory Therapy. Respiratory Therapists work in skilled nursing facilities, rehab centers, and hospitals. Resporatory Therapists in this are work with postacute and chronic disease patients who range in age from young to older people. Most Respiratory Therapists enter hospitals that have work experince some require a CRT or advanced level Registered Respiratory Therapists. A person may go in different paths in Respiratory Therapy, from Neonatal Pedriatrics working with children in hospital with asthma to surface and air transport working in trauma. There are different consumpations in the career of Respiratory Therapy depending on your level of education and work experience. There are many positive and negative aspects into pursuing your career in Respiratory Therapy.

A Respiratory therapist requires to give full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, coordination, speaking and communication among with other related skills. If a person doesnt fit into this category the field is not for them. Many Resporatory Therapists have to work in long shifts also night shifts which could be hectic, also, a RT will have to deal with mucous, deaths, and blood which can be stressful. So a Resporatory Therapists needs to be able to manage his or her stress levels.

Although being under stress for the most of the time working, consumpation pays off average salary for a Registered Respiratory Therapists is $62,000 a year or $38 an hour according to ONET. With experience and higher education levels salaries could reach anywhere around $91,000 a year. There are many education levels getting into Respiratory Therapy two of the most common education levels is a Certified Respiratory Therapist or an Associates degree in Resporatory therapy with RRT.

There are different paths and different work places going into Respiratory Therapy. A RT may work in a hospital, neonatal peditric center for children, air and surface transport, rehab centers and also, you may work in senior homes dealing with the elderly. In hospitals you may work in intensive care units and going to patients that have breathing disorders, also, in childrens hospitals that have asthma disorders, air and surface transport working with trauma and emergencys and rehab centers working with people that have pulmonary diseases.

Respiratory Therapist recieve many benifets for pursuing in there career path but also there are the negatives like working in long and stressfull shifts also dealing with blood and mucous. Overall Respiratory Therapy is a great career path to pursue your career in if a person wants to get into the medical field. It does not take a long time to finish the education and its great pay.



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