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Review on the Movie - for Color Girls

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Essay Preview: Review on the Movie - for Color Girls

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For Colored Girls

For colored girls is a film directed by Perry, Tyler and based on how families faces obstacles in life and especially how women mostly becomes the victims. This film explains the situations that families encounters especially in their sexual life.

A theme including love as a cause of suffering is mainly portrayed. Kelly, who had fallen in love at her early age, is worried that she cannot bear children. This is because her fallopian tubes contracted a disease caused by untreated STDs (Perry 2010). She suffers emotionally and mentally due to the distress of what love caused her. She explains how she contracted the disease from a guy she loved in past before she got married. Love causes suffering in later days as she is in a dilemma of being barren.

Another theme that brings together the women is courage. They all are courageous to face the real challenges in their day to day life. They are able to confront the wrong actions of their lovers. Jo confronts Carl’s infidelity and accuses him of being homosexual. Carl denies but later agrees after a complicated situation and he later apologizes to Jo. Jo is not ready to accept the obvious apologies from and therefore courageously admits that she is HIV positive.

Unwanted pregnancy is also a theme that is seen to repeat itself to generations. Tangie and Nyla both got unexpected pregnancy the same case which happened to their mother. Nyla is also pregnant and also wants to abort the pregnancy.

Circle of life is a theme that repeats itself the life of my family. Most things that were done by our grandparents mainly have a way of coming back to the new generation. If there was an alcoholic grandfather mostly there is an alcoholic grandchild. Theme of love intersects with the story of Esther who became the wife of a king and the king purely loved her. Despite the disagreements found in women they seem to portray pure love to their partners (Perry 2010).

Revelation is a popular them relating to the topic as most secrets are revealed including past secrets that were unknown to each other. Tangie reveals about her being raped by her grandfather and Alice tells of how she was forced to marry at an early age. The themes also point out boy’s incidents as they are mainly the cause of trouble to women. Their actions lead to women judgments in which they are their victims.


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