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Role of Family Environment

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The role of family environment is influence children behavior and personality. Zachary's irresponsible behavior and charming personality lead family into tragic downfall. However, the parent's overindulgence and permissiveness is the direct factor caused Zack's corruption. Zachary creates emotional conflict...the parents love and excessed permissiveness promotes Zachary's irresponsible human nature, furthermore, incorrect family/child education is actually directly caused characters failure.

In a family environment, conflict is an issue that we are all too familiar with. The family in "The Charmer" by Budge Wilson is no exception. They encounter conflict mainly because of one family member. Zack, the only son in the family, creates conflict that affects the whole family. His charming personality, smothered childhood, and irresponsible behaviour directly cause emotional stress and conflict within the members of the family. Zack's charming personality is the main component that leads to his eventual failure of completing his role in the family. Growing up as a happy and popular young man, Zack builds a perfect reputation for himself that leaves room for love and smothering from his mother and two sisters. They love him very much and they show this love by attending to his every wish. Winifred, the narrator, is no exception. Zack asks Winifred if she can wash his bike for him, and she replies by saying, "I would be halfway to the kitchen for bucket and rags before [Zack] stopped speaking. I was Zackary's willing slave" (Wilson 101). Zack's charming personality re......

Overindulgence mom left sign warming nobody eat it. A slice is gone and realized it was Zack that took the slice off, then mother "would laugh, we all laugh & go ahead "she'd say

Incorrect way of family lifestyle/relationship distance

Permissiveness he started smoking at thirteen, and was into the liquor cabinet by fourteen, he smashed up our car on night after a poker party at sixteen. Excessive forgiveness result in Zack's wild oats, the lack of discipline from his parents sparks a level of irresponsibly into his perfect reputation and struggle for Zack begin. His father makes the mistake of not saying anything about his disagreement with the way Zack is treated and allows the conflict to continue. "Even Dad took a long time to wake up. You wouldn't think a fourteen - or sixteen-year- old-boy could hoodwink a father.. [And] Dad would just leave the room and go out to his work shed and sit and rock and rock in that old chair of his." (Wilson,103). His father new there was a problem but did not act on it until the situation reached its climax which resulted in Zack leaving home. The problem is allowed to escalate at the time. The father does not play as big of a role in Zack's life.



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