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Rtu Enrolment: A Serious Matter Turned Comic

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Essay Preview: Rtu Enrolment: A Serious Matter Turned Comic

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The much-anticipated RTU enrolment for the second semester SY 2010-2011 was received by the student body with different reactions. The ten-day enrolment which started last November 3, 2010 turned out to be a major headache-causing event to students who foretasted another "unusual" experience during the said period. Things were never the same during the enrolment. The talkative were silenced, the timid went wild, and people went beyond their usual selves. Undoubtedly, the enrolment for this semester had a high impact to students to unveil the real them.

Freshmen students who were not that familiar with the "waiting game" that is played during the enrolment season garnered the most unusual experiences during this ten-day period. They were indeed flabbergasted that the world could turn upside-down in just a short time. The freshmen's patience in waiting for hours in the long and unmoving line was also put to test. A bunch of freshmen students in the "arranging files" department almost lost their sanity with eyes bulging and neck stretching to and fro waiting for their adviser who was punctual enough to arrive nearing the lunch break period. These hapless students learned the meaning of how it is to wait for a million light years. Fortunately, those students from the higher years didn't get exhausted from waiting because they said, "Sanay na kami kay ma'am".

Another event that played an important part during the enrolment was the releasing of grades in their department. The heartbeats of every student thumped irregularly during that time as they were eager to receive positive results regarding their academic performance last semester. Unfortunately for some students, they weren't able to get their grade on time since one of their favorite teacher failed to pass their grade on time. What outraged most these students is not the time they consumed for waiting but the grades they received in that subject was unsatisfying. Majority of their grades was a glistening 5 and INC. Out of anger, one student exclaimed, "Pinahintay-hintay pa tayo ng matagal tas etu lang pala ang ibibigay nya sa atin?wag na wag lang talagang magkakamaling magpakita pa saakin yan si ma'am! "

It seems like majority of students gave a disapproving head to the enrolment period especially to those who experienced to wait and wait and WAIT for nothing. The long lines which seems not to move, students who are very insensitive during that day as to insert themselves in the long line just to finish ahead of time caused all heads to burst in fire. But to those students who did well during the previous semester, the enrolment period served as a new beginning for another promising semester. Those bunch of exemplary student who did it all in the name of GRADES was overjoyed upon receiving their grades and a scholarship for a job well done, they were envied by many



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