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Russian Experience

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International Experience Seminar Summary

The International Experience seminar exhibited students from West Chester University who studied the geology of Russia from Moscow to the Kola Peninsula with guidance from Dr. Nikitina. They had an affiliation with Moscow University students and professors, who are friends of Dr. Nikitina's. This connection was perfect because they accompanied them on the journey! They all needed to have a lot of field experience and hiking stamina for the five week journey in Russia. The amount of geological evidence available in this region was so vast; they had to be prepared and knowledgeable. By the end of their adventure and study their geological knowledge was extended, they learned more about themselves and built their character, as well as gained an appreciation for how different cultures operate.

During the journey, they drove a 1966 Russian Military Truck almost the whole time (expect when it broke down) and took a 32 hour train ride. They joined a group of Geomorphology students from the amazing Geology program at Moscow University and the professors from Moscow University, who Dr. Nikitina is associated with, on this adventure. Their field knowledge and skills came in handy when they had to do GPS tracking, coring, rock hammering, and mapping. And their physical abilities came in handy too when they hiked over hundreds of miles in diverse terrain and had to adapt to the daylight; which was 24/7. Camping was their main routine, but they did spend a little time in a formal classroom. Some of the regions they visited included the Kola Peninsula, Western Russia near the Arctic Peninsula, and Khibiny Massif (a phaneritic igneous intrusion).

Towards the end of the seminar, they provided a slide show of pictures that displayed their trip. This aided to really gain an understanding and to visually see the environments they were in. I've always been interested in Geomorphology so this seminar helped me to truly see what it is like being out in the field.



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