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S.W.O.T Analysis of Sony Computer Entertainment

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Essay Preview: S.W.O.T Analysis of Sony Computer Entertainment

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2d. Here is a SWOT analysis of Sony Computer Entertainment

SWOT analysis allows evaluating position of the Sony Computer Entertainment by analyzing different data of the company. This can be classified into two categories: Internal data (strengths and weaknesses) and external data (opportunities and threats). After the company has known the SWOT that they made through analyzing, then it would be best if they make a business strategy that can convert their weaknesses to strengths and threats into opportunities.


* Strong network of game licensees

* Top graphics and audio capabilities

* Strong global market position


* Higher prices from all of the competitors

* Slow in evolving its online proposition to a commercial stage

* Only appeal to particular market


* Synergies with other products of Sony

* Production cost should go down via manufacturing scale-up and improvements


* The continued economic slump

* Microsoft is expanding its advantage in online services

* Mixing the images of game console and Blu-Ray player may confuse buyers


Sony is one of the brands that are worldwide known for a gaming industry. This company has a strong network of market licensees.


As most people know or have heard, Sony has a reputation on their expensive products. Not only for a particular segmentation, but almost all of their products are higher than their competitors. Hence, it might be a disadvantage because people might turn to cheaper products. The second issue that the company has is the slow movement of their launching products to a commercial stage, especially in Europe region. Therefore, one of their competitor, Microsoft, has beat them to a fully launch and more widely known of their new product launch and their strategic lead. Another issue that is going on is some of Sony products are made only for first-gaming people (Pro), so some of their products gaming are only appeal to certain particular segmentation.



The negative economic conditions that happened in United States, Europe and Japan make a huge impact on the computer entertainment industry.



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