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Sales Letter for a Mobile Phone

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Essay Preview: Sales Letter for a Mobile Phone

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Ahasanul Azim

A3 Mobile (pvt.) ltd

5kha, shatmusjid road

Mohammadpur, Dhaka


August 10, 2011

Shahed Rahman


North South University

Dear Mr. Shahed:

Are you tired of having to carry a cell phone, laptop and a PDA? The new S272- A3 Mobile is your solution.

The S272- A3 Mobile is the first mobile device of its kind. The S272- A3 Mobile is a truly spectacular mobile phone. With an AMOLED screen, a superb five megapixel camera, Google apps built-in and advanced email functions, this could well be one of the best Android smartphones ever. As with all Android mobiles, S272- A3 Mobile owners can choose from ten of thousands of free and paid for apps to download from the Android Market - taking in everything from games to handy, business-focused titles.

Plus, the use of a touch QWERTY keyboard, while a document editor with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint compatibility is perfect for when your work just won't wait.

Other features of the S272- A3 Mobile include video/image editing software, media player, FM radio and a digital compass and Google Maps for easy navigation.

As an A3 Mobile user, you will enjoy the convenience brought to you by this all-in-one device. Monthly updates, sent directly to your phone, will keep it current.

This full-featured phone could be yours through your A3 Mobile dealer for Tk24900 or call 0171188429; but if you act now, a special instant discount and mail-in rebate will put this phone in your hands for Tk22000. This offer won't last long, so contact your A3 Mobile dealer soon.

Thanking you,

Faithfully yours,

Ahasanul Azim

Sales Manager

A3 Mobile (PVT.) ltd



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