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Sales Management Presentation

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Sales Management Presentation

marketing segmentation: segments in which they have common characteristics

positioning strategy: consumers perception of the product and company "brand"

transactional selling - emphasize is on selling skills, responsive to customer needs, selling product, price and service, differentiation through products, sales revenue focus, buyer- seller relationship

qualifying the prospect

needs for the product: lack of qualifying a person for the product

buying authority

ability to pay- credit check

can u provide the required service: check for network coverage based on postal code

Essential Activities- Sales Process

interest creation



post- purchase

sales process:

unqualified opportunities

qualified opportunities

best few opportunities

Customer Relationship Management

collecting leads from the internet

each household = small account....

very little incentive to develop and maintain long term business relations since sales reps are compensated per transaction closed

building a prospect list: direct mailer, internet

identifying the buyer centre

= all people involved in purchasing decision not just "the buyer"

economic buyer- person with the money = mom+ dad " focus on price + quality"

user buyer= both of us+ parents: they are affected by the product or service and have a very powerful influence

technical buyer= "the expert" = me "interested in product specs and quantifiable measures" - can or cannot recommend product

advocate= person who recommends your products

Relationship binders

creating value: perception that rewards exceed costs...switching costs etc

meeting expectations

building trust


follow up + referrals

Basic Types of Selling Approaches




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