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Same Sex Marriage

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Since elementary school children are taught about human rights; the right to attend school, sit anywhere you wish on a bus, vote for our president, visit anywhere without being discriminated for color and race. We are taught about those times when anyone who had colored skin was discriminated, when women could not vote, when equality was not a right but rather a privilege. Then, as we grow older, we learn about ", liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." How everyone and anyone living in the United States has these three rights no matter what. The Supreme Court back in 1967 affirmed that marriage is indeed, a civil right. Would you say that a heterosexual who is not allowed to marry the person he or she loves is being granted the pursuit of happiness or the political right to marry? The government means to tell citizens that because one is a homosexual they are being denied a civil right? I beg to differ. Many disagree because of religious beliefs, because they can't reproduce, or because it goes against what marriage is thought to be. I believe same sex marriage should be approved for no one has the right to tell you who one 'should' marry.

Much controversy of gay marriage has been brought up because of religious beliefs. Christian politicians disagree about gays being allowed to marry. They believe that homosexuals are an abomination. Just as during the 1960s when people were just as stubborn as to not allow African Americans have equal rights? This is not a theocracy not all laws agree with the bible anyway and the United States was founded on religious freedom, where people are allowed to worship as they please. And so, there should be a separation between government and religion.

Another reason people don't think same sex marriages should be allowed is because gays are not able to procreate, which is supposed to go against marriage. This is irrelevant as to what marriage should be though. If this is the case well are we saying that infertile people cannot marry? Women that have undergone menopause can't marry? Is the world under populated? Clearly this is definitely not the case. Even if this were that much of an argument many gay couples have adopted children to raise as their own, and most are in fact heterosexual if this provokes any argument.

What marriage was thought to be many years ago when laws were stated that a man and a woman can marry has changed over the years. In fact it was only a 100 years ago that marriage between a black and white people was disgraceful. Even the bible is against divorce yet laws were passed that allowed this kind of act. Marriage has changed plenty over the years why is it seen as if this were the only marriage change America has ever encountered in society?



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