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Self-Assessment for Skill Development

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Essay Preview: Self-Assessment for Skill Development

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In nowaday, Society always desired more talent people for enhance the development of this world. In the same way If society only desired talent people, there is more people lost their jobs. Also the unemployment rate will increase continually. It also has stimulated explosion of housing bubble, business bankruptcy, employee lay off and alleviation of the growth of GDP in the United States since the financial tsunami in 2008 represents a global economic disaster and the economic downturn. In the other hand, the living standard of humanity is facing a downward trend. Nowadays, most of the people are doing all they can in order to continuously improve the standard of living. For instance, some people are willing to go back to schools and work for their degrees. But in order to make a living, most of the people have to work for what they don't like since the whole world is in front of the economic recession. Some people even don't know what they want to work for; whereas, there is a lot of materials to help them find themselves. Like the quiz that I took from a website, which is called "IPIP-NEO", helps me to understand myself better. After reviewed the test result, there are five areas I need to improve. Some of them are from the test and some of them added by myself. They are: maturity, persistence, extraversion, time management, and openness to experience. There are a lot of reasons for me to choosing these areas for improve. Because I don't think I am mature enough in handling big things such as putting too much time in browsing Internet instead of study for school materials. In this case, it is obviously that I am not mature enough to handle my time management. In the deep of my heart, I know I should have to focus on study instead of wasting time on things like Facebook. On the other hand, I am an ambitious person, but I just can't last long my ambition. I hope I can take action persistently to achieve my goals so that in the future I can do something to return to the community. Also, I am very introverted, reserved and quiet. If a person doesn't know me very well, hi might think I am a boring person. In fact, I can be very noisy. However, I only show this side to people who I feel completely comfortable with. But this is a real world and I have to work on my extraversion in order to communicate well enough with others and the society. Conscientiousness is one of the most important quality for a human being and this is one of the area that I have to improve. I am not saying that I am lack of conscientious, but I am not conscientious enough to achieve high levels of success. Conscientiousness can affect lots of area in our life such as work quality. The last skill I need to improve is openness to experience. I am a person who is lack of the sense of security. I always afraid I might get hurt by trying new things out or do things in a different but creative way. I think culture is also a part of the reason because I grown up in a traditional Chinese family. Since my family prefer to do things in a "safe" style, I adapted this style and use it my life. I would like to be more open to experience things in different ways because the different way might more efficiently than the traditional way.

Maturity is not depend on age. A person can be mature at age of 10. A mature person doesn't think only in absolutes, he has learned there is always two sides in all people and all things which is good and bad. Immaturity is not only found in an individual. Sometimes, we can find it from groups or even nations. In "Maturity of Mind and Adult Behavior", Jayaram V states that, immaturity we found from groups or nations can caused misery and affected millions of people suffer in it. Many of our leaders and celebrity figures, and even role model of our society always hind their immaturity behind pomp and power and betray themselves through their actions and decisions. Immaturity also can be found in sports, competitions, public, media, many major national and international forum, and institutions. Immaturity can be expressed in the way we react to things and situations, words we use, choices we make, the emotion we express, and the way we manage our relationships and finances. Also, the writer mentioned that our civilization still not mature yet, it might take a few more centuries for ourselves to take a look at our actions with complete objective and maturity. Jayaram also talks about physical and mental growth. Physical growth and mental growth does not proceed the same lines. It is difficult to say when an individual stops growing mentally till the end.

In a article named "Levels of Maturity", the writer Jeannette Santino states that we all display various levels of maturity in our behavior. A forty-year-old would act like a forty-year-old and a twelve-year-old would act like a twelve-year-old. However, many adult never develop beyond a childhood level of functioning but some teenagers' function at the adult level early on. In other words, they are ignorant the level of maturity they are functioning and they need some guidance to become mature. According to Santino's article, there are seven levels of maturity. They are: infant, toddler, child, adolescent, adult, master, and angelic or god-like. A fully-grown person and be immature, whereas a young person can be very mature emotionally and mentally. We develop our maturity level as we grow from infant to adult. We update the maturity level by things that we have experienced, the peaceful solution we came up with people. Also our flexibility would be improved as we become more mature. We tend to doing things more independently and also become more kindness, compassion, and respect toward others. People that have reached the adult level of maturity always emphasize the good rather than the negative. They don't get disappointed if things go wrong, they don't blame others when things get worse. Instead they would think quick and come up with a solution. If things don't go their way, they will re-evaluate to see what they can improve next time. They realize there is always something to learn from situations. Adults can be rich or poor, famous or obscure. They are not afraid to ask for help when they need it. Some people can never become mature but some can in a very young age. On the other hand, people who reach the master level are quietly powerful and they can easily communicate with anyone. Their presence can disarm tense situations. They maintain a balance of emotions, rationality, and action. They display intelligence and only interesting in the truth. A master would do what they can to help others who suffering mentally or emotionally. But, of course we can achieve adulthood as imperfect human



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