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Self-Assessment Assignment

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Essay Preview: Self-Assessment Assignment

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This week's lecture, readings and discussion focuses on the importance of self-assessment in the career development process. This assignment will help you focus on your intended career and your perception of the skills you possess that are required to be successful.

Step 1: Values, Interests and Skills

1. Review the following information related to the importance of Career Self-Assessment.

2. Write one paragraph reflecting on your values.

I believe that career development is an important part of every job seeker's pursuit towards employment success. As a hardworking individual heavily invested in her own career development, I have realized that I cannot succeed in the modern job market without the skills necessary to demonstrate my strengths. Unlike the 20th century, the 21st century is characterized by a marked necessity of not just having strengths, but understanding how to market them. I value this understanding as much as I value my own, on-the-job skill set. Though my "job skills" will allow me to work at a job, my "career development skills" - my resume building, my interviewing, and my positive character - will allow me to land the job in the first place.

3. Write one paragraph reflecting on your interests.

My goals for stable employment aren't simply "job" goals - they're career goals. I am eager to embark upon a legal career path, characterized by a strong understanding of the law and its innumerable, technical and rhetorical nuances. I believe that my strong academic background and unwavering passion for the law will make me a perfect candidate for this demanding, rewarding, and ultimately unparalleled life path. It is my goal to be the best that I can be - and I am confident that the law will let my passion and skills shine their brightest.

4. Write one paragraph reflecting on your favorite skills.

* Please be sure to use the questions on the site as a guide.

It's no surprise that my best skills are also my personal favorites - and the ones that I am the most proud of. I am proud of my strong writing and editing skills. I am confident in my ability to read and write in an understandable, coherent, and persuasive manner. Moreover, I am confident - and "favorite" - my strong interpersonal skills. I have no trouble talking to others and collaborating on group projects, and I am confident that this skill will make me a valuable asset in any modern company. Finally, I am proud of my computer skills. I am proficient in Microsoft Office, iWork, Final Cut Pro, and have developed something of a "photoshopping hobby." I love to work on the computer, I love to work with people, I love to



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