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Sex Eduation Should Be Included in High School Cirriculum

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Essay Preview: Sex Eduation Should Be Included in High School Cirriculum

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According to the Collins English Dictionary Sex Education may be define as education in schools on the subject of sexual activity and sexual relationship.

Curriculum a list of all the course of study offered by a school or college ( Collins dictionary) .

School an institution for education students.

The whole idea of sex education in our schools, and how sex education should be are controversial subjects. The more conservative people in our society would rather just tell kids to abstain and leave it at that. My worthy opponents does that really solve our problem? I don't think so, this whole idea harkens back to the days of marrying young girls off to older men without telling them about what a wedding night entails. My worthy opponents too little information in my mind can be just as bad as giving kids the wrong kind of information. therefore I strongly agree that sex ed should be included in high school curriculum as school is seen as a unit for socialization, providing information and most importantly a place for learning.

My worthy opponents, puberty occurs upon entering or during high school years, therefore guidance is required. Common knowledge about human biology informs us that children begin to experience their first sexual urges around age 12, or upon entering high school. uncontrolled hormones, as well as the fact that it has become socially acceptable to begin dating in high school, make it necessary to inform children of the numerous dangers of sexual activity. My opponents, looking back into human history, we are actually reproducing at later dates, and much of that is credited both sex education being taught in schools and a shift morality, which is transmitted by both parents and school curriculum.. Students will continue to go through puberty and will continue to grapple with sexual urges whether we choose to ignore the issue or not.

Hence, schools have a responsibility to teach sexual education. A school's main functions are socialization and information. Schools teach children not only essential subjects, but also how to be viable members of adult communities. my worthy opponents, even if you don't agree that sex education is an essential subject (which I do), you must agree that schools serves this dual capacity. A major part of viable functionality in the adult world is sex and procreation. Therefore, it would only be natural for a school to educate students about realities that they will face. Again, my worthy opponents covering up something that will undeniably affect a student's life hardly seems beneficial to their thriving. I challenge you my opponents to prove otherwise.


secondly educating student through sex education is an empirically successful way to improve health. my worthy opponents I will use the Rockdale county scandal as an illustrative example to prove how little abstinence-only education works to improve the quality of life.




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