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Sex and the City Feminist Approach

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Essay Preview: Sex and the City Feminist Approach

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Sex and the City

1. Is the movie literary? In what sense?

This movie clearly works as a literary piece because it is adapted from another literary source which is a book. It contains all the necessary literary dimensions which include the concept, character, story, dialogue, and action. Moreover, it obviously works as a story for it has a brilliant plot and characters whose lines, actions, attitudes and relationships leave a lasting impression.

2. What can you say about the women protagonists? Explain their roles vis-à-vis the following concepts:

a. Women empowerment

The women protagonists in this film reflect an important vision of female empowerment that is now prevailing in our society. They are representations of women whose presence is accepted and participation is encouraged. Carrie Bradshaw reveals that women are entitled to express themselves openly across a wide spectrum of issues and there is nothing wrong in allowing oneself to indulge in a bit of luxury. Samantha Jones embodies what it means to be smart, active, beautiful and successful even in a woman's midlife. On the other hand, Charlotte York is a modern woman with a traditional outlook emphasizing true love as opposed to lust. But despite that fact, she has remained a proof that true friendship disregards differences and that is an empowerment of female relationships. Lastly, Miranda Hobbes represents women who are able to balance both family life and career. Her character shows that women need not be tied in one aspect of her life.

b. Women as object of desire

Even though this film is dominated by powerful female characters, it is undeniable that they do serve as men's objects of desire through an ideal representation of the physical beauty. The sight of a woman's voluptuous curves gives men visual pleasure. There are also some instances in the film that one character in the person of Samantha Jones admits guilty desire to be a sex object.

c. Independent/dependent women

In my view, the women protagonists in this film are considered independent because they freely celebrate their sexuality and economic power. However, their concern to satisfy male fantasy or achieve coupledom dictates dependence on men.

d. Sexism

Traditionally, women are the more nurturing gender and these women protagonists are no exception. But for me, this concept does not intend to bring out sexism or gender discrimination. And in fact, the movie does not reflect sexism in its scenes and language. This film only aims to make women feel freer and show that society is moving away from male domination towards equality.

e. Male-dominated society

These women are



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