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Shakespeare in Love

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Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare is known as a poet of many love stories. What do we know about Shakespeare? We know that he is the playwright of the 1500-1600 century. We see him as a mortal man who still lives through his playwright and poems.

Watching the movie and seeing how he struggled to write his playwright I actually saw myself in him. I also understood that he was just a man to his era. He was looking for his muse to inspire him to write. He's supposed to be hard at work on his new play; a comedy entitled "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter". He fell in love with the lady Viola who was about to be married against her will to someone else. Viola also fell in love with Shakespeare but they cannot be together. He started writing a romantic play "Romeo and Juliet" where the lady Viola plays a young man in his play since it's illegal for women to appear on stage but at the end she did go on stage as Juliet. It's a beautiful sad play where two people love each other so much so they take their own life. I think the play he wrote is based on what is going on in his love life at that time. As I watch the movie I believe that was what really happened in Shakespeare life. What's Different between the play and his life is that in the play they both die. In the movie Viola and Shakespeare live.



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