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Shiloh - Bobbie Ann Mason

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Essay Preview: Shiloh - Bobbie Ann Mason

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"Shiloh" - Bobbie Ann Mason

Reading "Shiloh" I discovered that theme of this story is that now having to switch roles with Leroy, Norma Jean becomes stronger and has more power than her husband. Norma Jean even mentions to Leroy that his name in French means King which is ironic because he is the furthest thing from a king. The tone of this story is sorrowful considering the two main characters lost their child at a very young age. Also the husband Leroy was injured during his truck driving job and is now without one and doesn't plan on finding another one anytime soon even though his wife Norma Jean keeps pushing him to get one.

The setting of "Shiloh" takes place in the south during modern times. This story is told from Leroy's point of view which is first person. The irony of this story is that even though Norma Jean and Leroy have been living together for a long time yet they hardly know each other anymore. Lately they have been growing apart and Norma Jean has even taken the role of the provider of their household since Leroy is out of a job. Leroy is the protagonist of "Shiloh" and as the story goes on Norma Jean becomes the antagonist.

One scene that was very vivid for me was when Leroy and Norma Jean go to Shiloh and Norma Jean expresses to Leroy that she wants to leave him. Leroy then suggests that they start over but Norma Jean explains that they already have. This scene stands out to me because to Norma Jean many big things have happened in her life that have caused her to in a sense start over. For Leroy he didn't start over as Norma Jean did but moved forward and went with the flow. When Leroy can no longer work Norma Jean now has to start the new role as the provider for the household instead of just a contributor, but Leroy sees it as a well-earned break from working for so long.

The epiphany for this story happens right at the end when Leroy realizes that the cabin he has wanted to build all along only represents emptiness just like his life, He no longer is interested in building one anymore and comes to recognize what is really important in his life.



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