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Bobby Ivonavich

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Listening is important because it is the foundation and building block toward our/my entire existence. It allows me to develop and grow in relation to education, relationships, and the expansion of my ability to be diverse and to explorer my thoughts and ideas as well as others. My success in school, career and relationships does depend on my capacity to listen because it allows me to explore other options rather than to remain closed minded and not think outside of my own constructive ability, but to consider the ideas, thoughts, and experiences of others. Listening is more than following the orders of someone in authority and agreeing with them because following orders of someone in authority does not make them right and agreeing with them just to cater to their authority does not make them right either. However, submitting to authority is always right but stating my opinion and thoughts are just as valuable as the one in authority. I do believe that listening is the basis for communication because this allows for input and out-flow of ideas, thoughts and general knowledge. Listening can bring relationships to life because relationships are built on several key factors, but the main factor is COMMUNICATION. Listening can also revitalize dying relations because it allows me to analyze myself more in depth with how I internalize and process information, some else thoughts and ideas as well as my own perception (which could be off) and it allows me to open doors that I may have possible closed based on my own internal perception of something that I may have viewed one sided. Listening has great significance to living and dying well. Listening to, following and adhearing to information that is provided by physicians as well as others who have valuable information can possible either save my life and/or give me more longevity. My personal definition of what listening consist of is not limited only to hear others as they speak but to also listen and hear myself as I speak. Listen to myself more as I listen and hear others



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